Horse Trail Safaris

Before the invention of the automobile, it was not an uncommon sight to see a person riding a horse to get to their destination.

But in today’s age, you can go horse-riding just for the heck of it. So why not do it in the Great Kruger region in the province of Mpumalanga and Limpopo, where both natural beauty and adventure reign?

But you don’t have to just go horse riding.

You can pack a picnic and enjoy delicious cuisine amidst luscious groves.

Or you can go hiking along the mountainous terrain with the help of a guide who will point out the natural wonders before you.

That’s the beauty of horse riding: you’re not confined to the actual activity; horse riding opens up a world of possibilities for enjoyment, relaxation and exploration, especially when you’re sight-seeing.

If you’re a beginner, lessons and tours are both accessible and cost-effective.

You’re looking at paying between R200-R300 per person for lessons.

In addition, you get your pick of the best in schooled trail horses, depending on your temperament and ability.

So you don’t have to worry about being taken for a ride.

The Sabie Valley in Mpumalanga is renowned for its array of scenic routes and horse trails.

These horse trails are ideal for people of all ages and experience with horse riding.

Whether it’s flat terrain or highlands, a horse can negotiate it well.

This means that you, your family and your friends can enjoy the relaxation and adventure that horse riding brings with it.

So why not do, as they do in Western films, and saddle up?

1 Hour Horse Trail Duration:

1 Hours Price From: 250

A pleasant 1 hour horse trail through the Lowveld bushveld with the opportunity of seeing plains game such as nyala, impala, duiker, zebra, giraffe, baboons and monkeys.

2 Hour Horse Trail Duration:

2 Hours Price From: 380

Enjoy the thrill of riding in amongst plains’ game such as zebra, wildebeest, giraffe, kudu, nyala, warthog and impala.

Also enjoy Lowveld birding from horseback.

All rides are conducted on Grasslands Game Farm near Malelane.

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