About Us

The founders of Wildoorz, through their extensive travel through Africa and successful business history, have established ‘Wildoorz”.

“Wildoorz” is exactly that – We open doors and offer a range of products and service as follows:





Canvas Prints




Building & Maintenance

Garden Service

Electrical Services

Safari Packages

Digital Services


 We have a passionate love for Africa and through our digital prints, we offer some amazing wildlife prints, offering clients the opportunity to capture Africa and see it from within that special place at home or work. 

Given our history in travel and business, we have established “Wildoorz” as a website offering friends, clients and associated the opportunity to experience what we have.

During our years of travel, we have made many friends and worked with many associates along the way, what this means is we are passionate about the Tourism and Hospitality industry and offer Venue and lodge owners the opportunity to be visible online through our Affiliate Association.

We invite you to take a tour of our website and indulge in all that we have to offer.

The Team @ Wildoorz

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