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Storage that really works… Got an apartment? Get a BatBox.

The BatBox offers a unique storage solution, by making use of expensive unused space in basement parking garages and turning it into the perfect storage area for almost anything.

Designed to carry a load of up to a 1000kg the BatBox is the only product available on the market that can offer a practical solution to modern-day storage problems.


The patented design of the BatBox makes it unique. No other storage solution can compete. The BatBox hangs from the ceiling, like a bat…


This is you… this is your BatBox. Access your BatBox storage unit anytime.

Storage that works

Turns expensive dead space into your personal storage facility, without sacrificing parking space.

The BatBox is height adjustable to suit any vehicle type.

Stylish Storage

With its stylish wood grain texture, the BatBox resembles the appearance of a white appliance rather than a storage unit.

Never again

Use expensive living space as storage space.

The BatBox is large enough to store camping, sporting equipment and anything else that is stealing your living space.

Did you know…

The BatBox is the only storage unit that hangs from the ceiling. Like a Bat…

  • Each BatBox can carry a load of 500kg
  • Installation requires only 4 x 15mm holes
  • Each unit is completely weather resistant
  • Ceiling space is the most cost-effective space


900 Deep x 900 High x 2300 Wide

Keep all those large bulky items safely locked away

  • Cooler boxes
  • Camping gear
  • Luggage
  • Bikes
  • And so much more
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